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EkoSkola Students participate in the Green-Down Activity

Year 6.1 EkoSkola students are participating in the Green-Down activity as part of the Autumn Phenology Campaign. The students are observing the change in colour of selected leaves of an almond tree located in the school garden and reporting green-down data. The educational outcomes are multiple.  Indeed, students will learn to

 – observe when leaves change colour at the end of the growing season; 

– compare leaf colour with colours in the GLOBE Plant Colour Guide;

– identify tree species native to our area; 

– examine relationships between green-down and climate factors; – predict when the end of the growing season will occur for upcoming seasons;

 – compare colour changes of different plant species; – communicate project results with other GLOBE schools;

 – collaborate with other GLOBE schools (locally and internationally) and – share observations by submitting data to the GLOBE science database.

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