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Free Online Books for Children to Explore Online

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During this time of school closures and home learning, it is important that students still find time to schedule some reading time during the day. Here is a list of educational websites which offer free eBooks for students to explore and read. Simply click on the name of the website in bold and you will be re-directed to the respective resource:

Octavo– Free Stories in Maltese, on the Web or on Android Tablets/Phones

Audible– Currently free due to school closures – Listen to online stories (by Amazon)

Storyline– Online books read by film actors and TV personalities, run by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation

International Children’s Library– Classic books from over the world. Includes some interesting country-specific stories and scans of old historical books from libraries across the globe.

Barnes and Noble  – Free online books from the American booksellers Barnes and Noble

Mrs.P’s Magic Library– Read and listen to stories by TV star Kate Kinnely. Includes resources for students and teachers.

Free Children’s Stories– Original stories for students of all ages.

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